Used Car

Found some wheels you’ve got your heart set on?

We can walk you through the novated leasing process for your used car

One of the most common myths about novated leasing is that it’s exclusively for new cars. Well, let’s set the record straight: that’s simply not the case. At Clear Lease, we’re all about breaking boundaries, and that’s why thousands of our customers opt for novated leases on used vehicles year after year.

If you already know the car of your dreams, leave the rest to us. Plus, here’s the kicker: you could potentially wave goodbye to GST on the purchase price of dealership supplied cars, not to mention some of those regular running costs.

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But hold on, you also have the option to take matters into your own hands. Whether it’s a private sale or a dealer, you call the shots.

Just remember, there are a couple of rules to play by. Generally, your chosen car shouldn’t be older than 12 years at the end of your lease term. Also, it’s a smart move to check in with your employer about their specific novated leasing policy, as there might be some vehicle restrictions.

Now, here’s where we really shine: we’ll handle the paperwork, craft an annual budget that neatly covers your car repayments and those pesky regular running costs, and even arrange your fuel card. That way, you can soak up that unforgettable new-car bliss, no matter if it’s a new or used beauty!

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