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Enjoy that new car feeling with all the whistles and bells and save! It’s a win win!

That exhilarating new-car feeling is unbeatable. But let’s face it – the quest for the perfect vehicle can feel like an epic journey into the unknown. Where does one even begin?

As the premier novated lease trailblazers in Australia, Clear Lease is your trusty compass on this adventure. We’re here to guide you, making the entire process a breeze. Brace yourself for not just potential tax savings and budgetary nirvana, but also an exclusive ticket to our nationwide league of preferred dealers.

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Now, here’s the good stuff: You know you could kiss goodbye the GST on the purchase price and slash a chunk off those running costs? Yes, that’s what we’re bringing to the table.

Paint this picture in your mind: we’ll shoulder the hard work, from helping to source your dream car to handling the paperwork. We’ll even craft an annual budget that neatly covers your car repayments and all those regular running costs. Oh, and let’s not forget your fuel card – that’s supplied by us too. All you have to do? Revel in the unmatched joy of that unforgettable new-car experience.

Clear Lease isn’t just about making novated leasing a walk in the park – we’re about turning your new-car dreams into a reality, effortlessly.

Find out how much you can save.

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