About us

We are Clear Lease.

Clear Lease is a newly formed division of financial specialist company, The Alliance Group and Dixon Insurance. Our prestigious novated leasing portfolio was acquired from Stratton Finance in 2021 with the intention of shaking up the novated leasing market. With Clear Lease, not only do you get the benefit of being backed by The Alliance Group, Dixon Insurance is also on board. Dixon Insurance has access to, and use of, some of the insurance industry’s most respected resource tools and programs to ensure you’re covered for all of life’s ups and downs.

Clear Lease aims to be to novated leasing – what Uber was to the taxis. So watch out lazy novated lease companies, you’re on notice.

Oh yeah, how?

By providing a clearer, more transparent way to novated lease your vehicle. Most novated leasing company’s smokescreen what they do behind the taxes they’re saving you and the deals they’re able to negotiate from lenders. Not us. Clear Lease puts you – the owner of the novated lease – in the driving seat for a better income, better outcome.

Clearly better.

The Alliance Group has a AAA+ rating and strong relationships with both the big banks and the smaller credit unions. Our huge panel of lenders means more options for financing and this results in a better deal for you. That’s because we connect you with the most suitable lender to your needs to save you money with better terms. Call it custom lending.

Access all areas.

The Alliance Group are specialists in all things Vehicles, Trucks, Equipment, Business and Commercial finance for single vehicle sole traders all the way up to international fleets. They understand what levers to pull and the right way to position your application with lenders to ensure a better approval rating and an optimised deal. These nuances give you better loan terms and help you save more.

Award winning and highly regarded in the industry, Dixon insurance also has access to, and use of, some of the insurance industry’s most respected resource tools and programs to service their clients. Clear Lease gets full access to this setup, which helps us outperform our competitors in the industry.