7 Top Benefits of Electric Cars


Are electric cars the future? 

Not only do electric cars solve increasing environmental problems, but owning or leasing one has many other advantages. 

Still, many Australians are uncertain if electric car ownership is for them. If you aren’t ready to buy your first electric car, why not consider leasing one from Clear Lease?

Reduced Emissions

One of the main benefits of electric vehicles, EVs as they are also called, is reduced carbon emissions.

No matter how many clever filters and catalytic converters we fit into our vehicles, we can’t stop harmful emissions from coming from their tailpipes.

Electric vehicles emit zero greenhouse gases. This significantly helps to reduce air pollution. If everybody owned or leased an electric car, we could quickly cut emissions. 

It’s important to note that although EVs don’t emit greenhouse gases, the electricity used to charge the vehicles are primarily produced from coal. 

Lower Operating Costs

Are electric cars cheaper to operate? Depending on the price of electricity, you should be able to reduce your fuel costs. Installing an electric vehicle charging point is something you would have to invest in, but you soon get your money back.

If you don’t want to buy an electric car charging point, you can always charge your car in public places such as shopping centres. An increasing number of public charging facilities are also beginning to spring up.

As electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, maintenance is less expensive.

Energy Efficiency

According to the US Department of Energy, most electric cars convert over 77% of energy from the grid to the wheels, which makes them highly efficient compared to conventional petrol-run vehicles.

This is an essential point as it means you should “top up” your vehicle less than a petrol or diesel car.

Quiet Operation

Noise pollution is also a problem with diesel and petrol cars. Electric cars only make a very slight noise when in motion, and sometimes even no noise at all.

Many people living in areas with heavy road traffic argue that noise reduction is one of the main benefits of electric cars.

Financial Benefits

Governments often offer tax credits and rebates for private individuals and companies that swap regular vehicles for electric alternatives.

Unlock FBT Exemptions with a Novated Lease for Electric and plug in Hybrids

Through novated leases, businesses and employees are able to access attractive tax benefits as well as an FBT exemption. This means that the novated lease payment & running cost is taken out of the employee’s salary before taxes are applied, reducing their taxable income and offering them more take-home pay.


Having the ability to charge your vehicle at home is a huge bonus. This eliminates the need to visit a petrol station, and, if you don’t have charging facilities at home, you can charge your car while running errands or shopping with the many available public chargers.

More Innovative Driving Options

Innovation and electric vehicles go hand in hand. Manufacturers are looking at making other vehicles, including trucks, electrically powered.

We are also likely to see other innovations as manufacturers continue to push the boundaries. Self-driving autonomous cars and transport vehicles may not be too far away.


Electric cars are the key to the future in more ways than one. They are environmentally friendly, convenient, energy efficient, and help drive other technologies forward.

These benefits highlight why electric cars are becoming an increasingly popular choice for consumers looking to reduce their environmental footprint and enjoy a modern driving experience.

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Why are electric cars more efficient?

Electric cars and plug-in hybrids are more efficient than traditional petrol and diesel cars as they better convert energy from their power source (typically a battery). Electric cars also have a more simplified mechanical system and don’t idle.

While the way in which electric vehicles are charged does impact on efficiency (as most electricity is still generated from coal), electric vehicles remain more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
What are the benefits of electric cars vs petrol cars?
There are several benefits of electric cars compared to petrol cars. This includes:

Lower Operating Costs: Electric cars tend to be cheaper to operate due to rising petrol prices, as well as less costs for maintenance.

Government Incentives: As Australia moves towards a more sustainable future, more incentives around electric vehicles are being offered, including the Electric Vehicle FBT Exemption for Novated Leases.

Energy Efficiency: Electric car motors are better at converting energy into motion that petrol cars. This means you get more for less, saving energy, costs, and reducing emissions.

Why are electric cars better for our health?

Electric cars are better for our health as they help in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. In turn, this helps to:

  • Reduce air pollution
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Mitigate climate change

Is it worth buying an electric car in Australia?

Deciding whether it’s worth buying an electric car depends on your individual circumstances, including the cost of the car, your income, and what you can afford to repay.

An affordable option to help you get behind the wheel of a new electric vehicle and save money is a novated lease. There are a range of tax benefits and FBT exemptions that can help you save on running costs.

Calculate your savings using the free EV novated lease calculator.

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