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Our Benefits

Save thousands in tax every year with salary packaging.

We manage all of your vehicle expenses, so you don’t have to.

Huge EV savings with with Gov Electric Car Discount incentive.

100% Australia owned and operated with a friendly team.

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What is novated leasing and how does it work?

You’ve probably heard whispers about Novated Leasing / salary packaging, but what’s the deal? How does it actually work? And if it can put more cash in your pocket by reducing taxes, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Novated leasing involves three parties: your employer, a finance company, and you. It allows you to set up an agreement that takes your car finance payments directly from your employer, so it comes out of your pre-tax salary. 

Whether it’s a new or used car, this allows you to bundle your car expenses along with your lease payments. This includes registration and insurance, as well as the cost of fuel, maintenance, tyres and car washing.

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Typically, your employer slices off a chunk for income tax and deposits the rest into your bank account. Then, it’s your job to tackle all those pesky living expenses – car repayments, rent or mortgage, car payments, insurance, groceries, and the dreaded utility bills. If you’re lucky, you might have a tiny bit left over for life’s little pleasures.


But hold on to your hat, because with a Clear Lease salary packaging account, your employer still pays you the same salary, but we step in to handle those very same expenses before the taxman gets his cut.


What does that mean for you? Well, it means your taxable income takes a dip, your disposable income takes a leap, and some of those big-ticket expenses are sorted by our team on you behalf. That leaves you with more cash to tackle life’s essentials and maybe even a few surprises along the way.


It’s no wonder that thousands of smart Aussies are already enjoying the Novated Leasing revolution with Clear Lease.

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The best novated lease in Australia

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Easy As 1,2,3

Our team get to know you and your financial situation to tailor the best solution for you. We keep an eye on things and get in touch when any adjustments need to be made.

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Go through your quote and ask all the questions you like. Once you’re happy to go ahead, let us know. We will give you a pre-approval for your new car. If you’d like, we can drive you a great bargain and get your new car for you.

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The best part! Well nearly…saving a pile of dough with a Novated Lease is pretty darn awesome too.

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Clearly Better

Live your best life

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We’re Clear Lease, the people that give you a clearly better way to save thousands of dollars in tax, on your car and all of the running costs. With our crew of experts in novated leasing working for you, you can simply enjoy driving your car, and living your best life.

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