Why Clear Lease?

Clearly better deals.

At Clear Lease, we pride ourselves on having the largest panel of lenders to select from when helping your employees secure a car loan. This allows us to leverage and negotiate the best deal possible to suit your staff’s needs.

Tailored terms.

Our experts carefully consider the length of the loan, fees, and your employees’ situation to then offer a loan from the perfect lender to suit their needs. It’s tailored and it’s complex. But not for your employees – they get simple solutions for the second biggest purchase of their lives. Too easy.

Huge discounts.

There are so many reasons why Clear Lease is your clear winner when it comes to novated leasing. We’ll get you the best deal on a new vehicle for your employees, thanks to our huge dealer network and our ability to provide fleet discount level buying power. Even if you’re only running a small fleet or you’re a sole trader, we’ll drive the deal in your favour. Plus, we’ll save you the GST on the purchase price if you’re buying a new car.

Saves plenty of time.

Time is money, we get that. We can source the vehicle or an entire fleet for you and your team to save hours and hours of searching. We know the market and where to go to get you what you need, faster.

Better than other novated leases.

A lot of employers tend to lock in a deal with one financier for all their novated leasing, not because they’re not out for their workers best interests, but because it seems easier for their organisation. But just because your employees are getting all the savings and all the benefits that are structurally built into the novated lease, doesn’t mean it can’t be made even better. Clear Lease will beat our competitors with our high standard of customer service, our broad range of lenders (allowing us to tailor a finance package to suit an individual’s needs), not to mention our smashing rates and being backed by an award-winning insurance company.

A clearly better package.

If you’ve locked your novated leasing into a relationship with one provider, there’s no longer a need for that provider to compete on behalf of your employees for the best loan terms and interest rates. We believe without keeping lenders and novated providers on their toes, competing with each other for your novated lease, your employees are not getting the best possible deal. Clear Lease works solely to drive the maximum benefits for your people, and the better the deal for your employees the better your business looks.

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