Clearly better for your people.

With a novated lease, you can offer a sweeter package for your current and future employees, including the following benefits:

  • Car hunting through our extensive network of dealer partnership
  • More leverage on fleet discounts for used and demo vehicles
  • Salary package all the running costs of their car
  • Zero GST to pay on the purchase price of the car
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • The freedom and flexibility to own the car of their dreams
  • Car finance best tailored to fit the individual buyer and their situation
  • 100% transparency with access to all account transactions, records, and reporting
  • End of term solutions to suit your employees
  • Ability to novated lease new or used cars
  • Unlimited personal use
  • Income tax goes down, meaning more money in their pocket

How is a novated lease set up?

If you’re new to novated leasing, or you’ve never even heard the term – just know – they’re a great asset for your business. Here’s how they’re set up…

To find out more and to get your organisation up to speed on the details and benefits of a Clear Lease novated lease, contact our experts. We can organise a visit or a Zoom session for your team.

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