Nissan Novated Leases

Looking at a flash new Nissan? Look at a novated lease. With Clear Lease you can get your brand new Nissan without stress or hassle and save a tonne of money thanks to the awesome tax benefits. We’ll help you get the Nissan of your choice effortlessly, so you can enjoy all the benefits of Nissan’s high performing cars, family cars or zippy city rides.

Benefits of Novated Leases

A common misconception is that a vehicle financed through a novated lease can only be used for business purposes. Wrong! You can use the vehicle to run the kids to soccer, go on a road trip with your pals or do your groceries – anything! There can be some Fringe Benefit Tax obligations, but our team are happy to talk you through this process and make sure you have a clear understanding of how it all works. A novated lease offers so many advantages. For starters, your repayments are paid by your employer on your behalf from your pre-tax income, so there’s no chance of missing payments and you can save a bucket load on income tax.

It’s not just about the attractive income tax savings – you don’t pay GST on the purchase price of the vehicle either…putting thousands back in your pocket from the get-go.

Your repayments cover the loan for the vehicle and depending on the inclusions you choose within your novated lease, we can bundle up all of your maintenance and servicing costs, rego, insurance and fuel…all paid for before the tax man takes his cut. You can spread the cost of owning a vehicle into more manageable repayments. No expected bills. No hidden charges.

When your novated lease comes to an end, you’ll have the option of buying the vehicle by paying out the residual outlined by the ATO. If you’d prefer to stay on a lease basis, then you can refinance the residual or re-establish another novated lease term. Whatever you choose, Clear Lease will advise you and ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal.

Drive the car you want without compromising your lifestyle

With a novated lease, you can keep your lifestyle. Driving a new Nissan car doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. A novated lease lets you keep all of your limbs. It’s taken out of your pre-tax wage as a type of salary packaging, so you’ll end up saving money in both the short and long term.

It also saves on the hassle that comes with owning a car, since many novated lease plans include maintenance, operational and servicing costs as part of the contract. Plus, it’s all managed for you by the team at Clear Lease. Nice!

Comparing finance options by leasing a Nissan

Your payment will change depending on the the price of the Nissan you want, the balloon size (outlined by the ATO) and some other key factors. A novated lease can include insurance, servicing, and all of the running costs in your overall price plan. More additions to your lease will obviously incur a higher monthly price, but with every consideration combined into one payment, it gives you fewer things to worry about. And the more you pay with your pre-tax income, the more income tax you save.

Most importantly, all your payments will be made crystal clear and easily understandable. No tricks here. At Clear Lease, we’re always transparent as possible when it comes to monthly costs – you’ll never get caught out with any sneaky or unexpected charges.

Servicing & Roadside Assistance

With a novated lease, your vehicle servicing can be included. This will give you peace of mind that your Nissan is always running safely. It’s a great way to budget, so there’s never any nasty surprises.

Additionally, if you choose to include insurance in your contract, then you’ll also have access to roadside assistance for the duration of your novated lease. Although it’s extremely unlikely, if you do break down in your Nissan, you can take it easy – someone will be there to help in a jiffy.

Fees and Charges

At Clear Lease, we include a small management charge as part of the budget to allow for administrative costs for managing your vehicle. Of course, this cost will never be hidden away inside your contract – any fees or charges will be made entirely transparent – you’ll always know where your money is going. Fee’s can vary depending on your inclusions but rest assured they’ll be laid out clear as day in your quote. There’s no funny business here at Clear Lease…just clear, transparent service.

Running Costs

With a novated lease, you can get many of the running costs of your new Nissan vehicle included in your monthly payments. Your novated lease terms will be agreed upon before you get your vehicle. This may cover costs such as fuel, tyres, tax, and insurance premiums. All of these expenses will be managed by Clear lease, so that you know exactly where you’re at. Another great benefit of a novated lease is the awesome discounts on fuel and other running costs. Because we manage such a large number of vehicles, we’ve negotiated some great deals for our clients.


The Nissan Leaf is one of the leading choices in the electric car industry. With extensive mileage and low emissions, the electric car world is no longer a gimmick. The cost of leasing a Nissan Leaf depends on a number of factors, including estimated kilometres, insurance costs, the length of the lease term and the ATO guided residual.

If you’d like a more accurate estimate for a Nissan Leaf, then check out our car leasing calculator.

Leasing a vehicle can be far more cost-effective than buying a vehicle outright. You don’t have to raise the initial funds to pay a deposit, plus you don’t pay GST on the purchase price of the vehicle, putting thousands back in your pocket from the start.

Novated leasing a Nissan will give you all the perks of having a new car without the responsibility of keeping on top of all the accounts and will save you money on your income tax payments. Additionally, you can choose to pay off the residual amount at the end of the lease if you’d like to own the car.

It’s important to know that there is no need to put any money down when you take out a novated lease on a Nissan or any other car for that matter. It’s not permitted as it confuses the ownership of the vehicle for the duration of the loan contract. You can put your money to better use and enjoy the benefits of having the Nissan you deserve…with a side of tax benefits!