Hyundai Novated Leases

Want a new Hyundai? Let’s make it happen. While the i30 is one of the fave new Hyundai vehicles, there are stacks of other great options. With Clear Lease, you can get yourself a brand new Hyundai, without having to pay through the nose for the privilege. Thanks Clear Lease. Make your money work smarter, not harder and get those new car feels in your Hyundai with Clear Lease.

How does a Novated Lease work?

It’s not complicated. Hell, it’s easier than keeping up with repayments on a car loan. With a novated lease, you can make loan repayments and unexpected expenses history! You loan payments will be deducted from your regular payroll cycle by your employer, so you never at risk of missing a payment and copping a late fee.

And it gets better. Tax savings better. First, you won’t pay GST on your vehicle. Then your novated lease on your new Hyundai will help you reduce your taxable income. You see, all of your lease payments are deducted from your income before it’s taxed.

On top of the tax savings, a novated lease allows you to bundle all of your car’s operational and running expenses including fuel, rego, insurance and servicing into one easy payment.

Here’s a quick look at the amazing benefits a novated lease can provide:

  • Reduce your taxable income, putting more money back in your pocket every year
  • You don’t pay GST on the purchase price of the vehicle, so you’re already thousands of dollars ahead before you’ve seen the real savings of a Novated Lease
  • Since we manage a large volume of vehicles, we’ve negotiated discounted fuel, maintenance and insurance for our customers. If you go through Car Lease, you’ll be saving truckloads of money
  • Clear Lease manage all of the paperwork and bill payments on your behalf. One less thing for you to worry about
  • There are stacks of finance plans to match your lifestyle – we’ll tailor a solution to suit your needs
  • Everything can be covered in one payment – no more bills sneaking up on you
  • If you move employers it’s easy to transfer your contract to your new employer
  • Drive your dream car, for less!

On top of all those benefits, there’ll be no nasty surprises when your contract ends. From the start, the ATO will outline the residual (also known as a balloon payment) that is due at the end of the contract. You can pay out the residual to own the car, you can refinance your balloon payment over a new term or you can re-establish the existing lease for an additional period. Clear Lease will be with you every step of the way to make the process seamless and transparent.

Drive the car you want without compromising your lifestyle.

A novated lease is an excellent option if you want a top-range Hyundai, such as the i30, or the larger iLoad, without dipping into your savings. It allows many of our customers to drive vehicles they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

If you choose to finance your car through a novated lease finance agreement, you’ll also spend less money on general maintenance and repairs. Clear Lease has negotiated exclusive discount deals with a range of fuel and vehicle servicing partners in Australia.

It all adds up to more bucks in your pocket and a better lifestyle for you too.

Benefits of a Hyundai novated lease

A clear and simple payment plan:

At Clear Lease, we always aim to live up to our name. Every payment plan is made crystal clear to you, so you know exactly what your plan includes. We’ll calculate your estimated expenses by taking into account a range of factors – always making sure you’re getting the best possible deal. These factors include the price of your car, your salary and any operational costs you’d like to include – things like insurance, tyres, rego and maintenance coverage. Your package can be as comprehensive as you’d like, but you’re always in control and will never be hit with unexpected charges.

Servicing & Roadside Assistance

When it comes to choosing the expenses you’d like to include in your novated lease agreement, you have the final say. At Clear Lease, we offer a fully maintained lease, covering all the expenses. Or you can choose a partially maintained novated lease, where you can select the expenses you want to include. There’s also a non-maintained novated lease where you’ll be responsible for your vehicle repayments and expenses yourself from your post-tax income.

If you do decide to include insurance within your novated lease, then we can include roadside assistance for the length of your contract. It’s nice to know you’re covered should you have any problems with your new Hyundai.

Running Costs

Depending on your novated lease contract, all of your running costs can be included in your payments. This can include tyres, maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance, and rego. We can even include the cost of washing your car!

Since we manage a large fleet of vehicles, Clear Lease has built up excellent relationships with fuel and servicing providers. It means we can offer customers exclusive discounts on fuel and servicing packages, saving them loads of cash in the long run.


In most cases, Hell yes! Generally speaking, leasing payments per month are usually far cheaper in the long run than the costs of paying the finance for your car because the payments are made before the tax man takes a slice of the pie. Not to mention, novated leases also cover the maintenance, fuel, rego and insurance costs, making it a cheaper option when you factor this into your payments.

The GST saving on the purchase price of the vehicle alone is a massive saving. And that’s before you’ve reaped the financial rewards of reducing your taxable income! Plus you don’t pay for a deposit on a novated lease vehicle, allowing you the freedom to put your savings to better use. Throw in fuel discounts and our team managing all of your paperwork, what’s not to love?

The Hyundai Venue is the cheapest Hyundai on the market currently. It’s true that the cost of a novated lease will vary between Hyundai models, but this isn’t the only factor that is taken into account. The rego, insurance, tyres, loan term, ATO residual and maintenance will also play a role and can affect the monthly cost.

This means that the Hyundai that is cheapest for one person might not be for the next.

The cost to lease a Hyundai depends on factors such as the price of your Hyundai, the desired length of the lease, the ATO outlined balloon and the level of coverage you include in your contract. Use our novated lease calculator to get an estimate for your desired Hyundai.