Clearly better novated leasing

Creating a great workplace environment is your best bet for attracting the best talent, retaining staff, and keeping everyone happy. But everyone’s doing it these days, so you’ve got to create more ways to sweeten their deal and make your business a point of difference. Plus you get financial benefits too, everybody wins! Novated Leasing is just the ticket.

More salary in your people’s pockets.

As an employer, you can provide all the perks possible to better retain staff and keep turnover to a minimum. But you can make their role even more attractive with a great salary sacrificing package that includes a novated lease. By showing your employees how much extra money they could be taking home every week with a novated lease, you’re proving to them you’re looking out for their best interests.

Happy staff, happy days.

The more benefits to the job you can provide, the better the job satisfaction, the happier your workforce. Plus, you create a place that attracts the best talent. Add the fact, in the case of novated leasing, there’s very little effort required on your end to set up and maintain, and they’re a no-brainer added to your employee value proposition.

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