Novated Car Leasing Adelaide

Radelaide, it’s your time to shine. In a shiny, brand new car. And you can do just that, without breaking the bank, thanks to the good folk at Clear Lease. Take out a novated lease with us and you’ll be able to drive a brand new car, while saving a bucket load of money. So if you’re looking for an affordable car lease, we have options in Adelaide to suit every budget and lifestyle.

Benefits of fleet management and car leasing

A novated lease is an agreement where your employer deducts a fixed amount from your pre-tax salary every pay cycle to repay your lease. The deductions go towards paying for the vehicle as well as insurance, maintenance, servicing, rego costs and more.

Since the payments are taken pre-tax, employees are left with a lower taxable income. This is one of the awesome benefits of novated leasing. On top of that, novated lease vehicles are free from GST – saving you thousands from the get-go.

All the payments are dealt with by your employer and Clear Lease, so there’s no chance of a late or missed payment. If you don’t want to stress about deadlines and keeping up with repayments, then this is going to be a huge benefit to you. The fact that you’ll save a tonne of money in the process is the cherry on top.

At the end of the lease, you can choose to buy the car by paying off the residual amount outlined by the ATO. Alternatively, you can refinance, look for an upgrade or re-establish another term of your novated contract.

Here’s a summary of the benefits of taking out a novated lease:

  • You don’t pay GST on the purchase price of the vehicle
  • You don’t pay a deposit on novated lease vehicles, allowing you to put your savings to better use
  • Discounted fuel, maintenance and insurance – we manage a large number of vehicles, so we’ve negotiated some pretty sweet deals
  • There are a number of finance terms to match your income and lifestyle – this makes novated leases one of the most flexible lease options on the market.
  • No more vehicle bills sneaking up on you, it can all be covered, budgeted and paid for from your pre-tax income
  • Reduce your taxable income – give less to the tax man and keep more money in your pocket
  • We can help you source the car of your dreams at a discounted rate so you can drive a brand new car for less

Drive your dream car without owning it

A novated lease is a car lease agreement giving you the power to drive the car of your dreams, without the stress and financial obligations associated with car ownership. Another attraction of a novated lease is that you gain access to a world of vehicle support and maintenance. Depending on whether you choose a non-maintained or fully maintained lease, everything such as fuel costs, insurance, rego, maintenance and road side assist can be covered.

Costs associated with a novated lease

Monthly Payment

The monthly payments vary depending on the price of the vehicle, the length of the lease term and the balloon size (dictated by the ATO) and the estimated kilometres. Maintenance, tyres and insurance costs can also be taken into account if these are included in your contract. All of the costs are spread evenly and annually for the duration of your lease and will come out of your usual payroll cycle

At Clear Lease, we make sure everything we do is fully transparent. One of the biggest benefits of a novated lease is that our team manage all the paperwork and payments, as well as work with your employer to ensure everything is covered. You can kick back and think about your next holiday.

Salary Packaging

Salary packaging (also known as salary sacrifice) is a way of paying for certain expenses like gym memberships, airline club membership, car parking fees and more with your pre-tax income.

Novated leasing is a form of salary packaging where your employer makes the vehicle lease payments on your behalf. A novated lease usually includes not only the repayment for the vehicle, but also covers the cost of fuel, servicing, rego and insurance as a part of the novated payment. These costs are budgeted and annualised, then deducted from your pre-tax salary.

These payments can be taken from your weekly, fortnightly or monthly salary automatically, saving you a bundle in income tax.

Fees and Charges

We generally charge a small monthly management fee, which is included in your repayments. As with everything we do at Clear Lease, this fee is completely transparent and never hidden away inside your loan package – you’ll always know the exact breakdown of your costs when you take out a Clear Lease plan.

Your fee is dependent on what you would like included within your Novated Lease and will be disclosed clearly on your quote. Complete transparency is at the centre of everything we do.

Running Costs:

Here are some of the running costs that can be included as part of a novated lease plan:

  • Car registration
  • Insurance premiums
  • Fuel costs
  • Servicing & maintenance
  • Tyres
  • Regular car washing


Yes! If you can, a novated lease is a fantastic way to get your hands on a new car in Adelaide – it relieves the financial pressures and stresses of maintenance, fuel and repair costs – letting you focus entirely on enjoying the driving experience. Throw in the huge tax savings and novated leasing proves to be one of the smartest ways to get into a new or used car.

A novated lease is often a much more affordable way to finance a vehicle. Buying a car typically requires a decent deposit, plus you have to pay GST on the vehicle. A novated lease doesn’t require a deposit and you don’t pay GST on the purchase price! A novated lease is also paid for out of your pre-tax income, reducing the amount of tax you pay and the cost covers your rego, insurance, maintenance and more. Be sure to use it’s the right fit for you try the handy lease calculator on our site to see how much you could save.

This depends on factors such as the age and price of the car you choose, your estimated annual kilometres, length and terms of the lease, as well as the ATO outlined residual due at the end of the term. For an accurate estimate of a novated lease, please use our calculator or have a chat to our team for a more detailed breakdown.

You can find the best car lease deals in Adelaide, South Australia right here – we are always on hand to help you through the process of novated car leasing, as well as answer any questions you may have. Get in contact with us today and we’ll have you on the road in no time.

It isn’t just employees who feel the benefit of novated leasing. Employers can use novated leases in lieu of fleet management to simplify their lives and offer brand new vehicles to their staff.

Here are some of the key advantages for employers:

  • You can negotiate with your staff to brand the vehicle with your business, giving you the benefit of a fleet but without the risk and administrative hassles of ownership
  • You are not the owner of the vehicle, the bank holds ownership until the novated lease contract is finished, and ownership then reverts to the employee
  • If an employee leaves you are not left with a car you no longer need
  • Your staff get all the perks of a novated lease – helping with staff satisfaction and retention
  • Take your work vehicles off your balance sheet